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Employee Spotlight: Paula Palacio

Paula is the TA Specialist / HR Generalist at Energetiq. She's had the privilege of being a part of this organization for almost two years. In this relatively short time, she..

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Exploring Innovative Plasma-Based Light Sources: On-Demand Webinar Now Available

Applications spanning semiconductor metrology to telescope optics demand light sources with unwavering stability, exceptional brightness, precise spectral composition, and..

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Mitigating the Semiconductor Chip Shortage

Strategies and Market Outlook from the Automotive and Consumer Electronics Markets Deeply affected by the semiconductor chip shortage, the automotive and consumer electronics..

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Engaging Presentations from Energetiq at SPIE Optics + Photonics

Energetiq Technology, a pioneering leader in advanced light sources, is excited to announce its participation at SPIE Optics + Photonics in San Diego, California. The conference,..

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Cultivating Beauty and Awareness: Energetiq's Environmental ERG's Garden Project

The Environmental Employee Resource Group (ERG) at Energetiq has proven that even small acts can lead to impactful changes. Their recent endeavor, the vibrant garden blooming..

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Employee Spotlight: Luis Pantaleon

As a repair technician, Luis has gained valuable experience with the Energetiq team. He is proud to have grown professionally over the last five years with us and has developed a..

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Hit the Right Wavelength with the Right High Brightness Light Source: Comparing LDTLS and CSE Light Sources

Selecting the correct light source for your needs is important. While you may know what wavelength you need, it takes the proper equipment to get you there. Our Laser-Driven..

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Employee Spotlight: Deborrah MacKenzie

Deborrah “Dee” MacKenzie brings over 20 years of executive administrative (EA) experience supporting “C-Level” staff to her role at Energetiq. In 2008 Dee switched from a..

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Which Output Window Is Best for Your LDLS System?

To help your team get the most out of its Laser-Driven Light Source (LDLS®) system, we offer several different types of output window materials. The ideal material for your LDLS..

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