Employee Spotlight: Eric Burz

(March 12, 2024)

Employee Spotlight

Eric is the Technical Writer at Energetiq and has been here for 16 months. He has been working as a Technical Writer for over 7 years. Eric grew up in Connecticut and also spent about 10 years living in Vermont. He has aided Energetiq with his precise editing skills and creative working style. Learn more about Eric, his role at Energetiq, and what keeps him busy when he's not at the office.

What is your favorite part about Energetiq?

My favorite part of Energetiq is the people. We have an outstanding team that is very engaged and multiple inclusive groups you can join. I love the culture here and feel like I can be myself around everyone. I also really enjoy the events that the organization plans both inside and outside of working hours.

What is a fun fact about yourself that somebody may not know?

I’m a big hiker and I’ve hiked all the 4,000-foot mountains in Vermont. I’m looking forward to doing the same in New Hampshire at some point. When I can find the time off, I plan on hiking the Long Trail in Vermont which takes about a month to complete.

How has Energetiq helped you in your career development?

Energetiq has allowed me to harness my marketing capabilities in addition to my technical writing skills. I get a chance to expand my horizons and work on creative projects as well as documentation. It helps me break up the monotony, be creative, and gain experience using different software programs.

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