Flexible, Stable Tunable Broadband Light Source


Flexible Spectral Resolution & High Throughput Results

The TLS-EQ-9-S is based on the EQ-9 LDLS, offering mid-range output power in a flexible, easy-to-use package. 

The spectral resolution of the TLS-EQ-9-S is user-configurable, allowing users to select different bandwidths for different applications. The stable performance of the TLS-EQ-9-S translates to consistent, reliable results, while the fast step time and high brightness enable high process throughput.
TLS-EQ-9-S is extremely easy to use and maintain. The intuitive graphic user interface (GUI) allows for the creation of automated scans to rapidly step between prescribed wavelength bands. The fiber-coupled output of the TLS-EQ-9-S makes it simple to integrate into a variety of optical configurations.


Fast wavelength tuning
Configurable/flexible spectral resolution
Low noise & high stability
User friendly computer interface
Convenient optical fiber output
Aberration free collection and focusing

Adjustable Bandwidth

A kit of removable monochromator slits is available for purchase with the TLS-EQ-9-S. The kit contains three (3) additional pairs of slits to adjust the size of both the entrance and exit slit of the monochromator.

Slit Size Bandwidth (FWHM)
1 mm*
6 nm
0.5 mm
3.5 nm
0.25 mm
2 nm
0.10 mm
1.5 nm

*Standard slit size shipped with system


In-Band Light Flux Comparison 

Average in-band light flux with standard output fibers. For reference only.

Product Properties
Wavelength Range
380 nm – 1100 nm
Wavelength Accuracy
+/- 0.5 nm
Scan Speed
<20 ms for a 2 nm step
Output Type
1500 µm fiber​ optic cable
Numerical Aperture
0.39 NA
Spectral Resolution
6.0 nm
Laser Class
Class 1 (IEC 60825: 2014)
Typical Performance
Maximum In-Band Flux
2.37 mW at 824 nm
Average In-Band Flux
~1.20 mW


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