Tunable Broadband Light Source for Monochromatic Light


Custom Monochromator, High Spectral Resolution

The TLS-EQ-77-S is a tunable light source optimized to provide monochromatic light across a broad wavelength range.

The TLS-EQ-77-S is built around the EQ-77 Laser-Driven Light Source (LDLS®) and utilizes a customized monochromator that is matched to the optical characteristics of the LDLS. The system includes a software interface that allows rapid selection of output wavelengths and fast scanning between selected wavelengths.


Fast wavelength tuning
High spectral resolution
Low noise & high stability
User friendly computer interface
Convenient optical fiber output
Aberration free collection and focusing

In-Band Light Flux Comparison

Average in-band light flux with standard output fibers. For reference only.

Wavelength Range
350 nm – 1100 nm
Wavelength Accuracy
+/- 0.5 nm
Scan Speed
<20 ms for a 2 nm step
Output Type
1500 µm fiber​ optic cable
Numerical Aperture
0.39 NA
Spectral Resolution (bandwidth, FWHM)
6.5 nm
Laser Class
Class 1 (IEC 60825: 2014)
Typical Performance
Maximum In-Band Flux
4.9 mW at 400 nm
Average In-Band Flux
~2.3 mW


TLS Selection Guide [PDF]

Ambient Light Sensor Calibration
with Tunable Light Sources [App Note]

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