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We’re here to help answer all of your Laser-Driven Tunable Light Source (LDTLS®) questions. While the data below is based on typical values, we’re happy to provide more detailed specifications. Select a topic below to jump to the common questions we receive on that subject.


How do I request a quotation?

Are custom configurations available?

Service & Operation

What is the lifetime / output degradation of an LDTLS system?

How do I initiate an RMA?

What is the standard warranty for an LDTLS system?

What is the warm-up time of an LDTLS system?

Do LDTLS systems require external cooling?


What is the wavelength range of LDTLS systems?

What is the in-band flux of the LDTLS systems?

What is the scan speed and minimum step size of LDTLS systems?

What is the typical accuracy of the wavelength sweep of the LDTLS systems?

How is the LDTLS system/monochromator controlled?

What is the spectral resolution (bandwidth, full width at half maximum) of the LDTLS systems?

What is the Numerical Aperture (NA) of the output fiber on each of the LDTLS systems?

Fiber Optic Cable Output

What fiber optic cables should be used with my LDTLS system?

Nitrogen Purging

Do the LDTLS systems require nitrogen purge?

What pressure is required for the dry nitrogen purge?

Can you purge with other gases besides nitrogen?

Can you put a vacuum on the lamp head instead of purging with nitrogen?

Can I use the LDTLS system in a cleanroom environment?

Laser Safety

Are LDTLS systems laser products?

What Laser Class are LDTLS systems?

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