Extreme Ultraviolet Light Sources

Compact, Reliable EUV Using Electrodeless
Z-Pinch™ Technology

High-Reliability, High-Stability 10 Watt EUV Source for EUV R&D
High-Brightness 20 Watt, EUV Source for Metrology and Testing
Semiconductor Metrology & Water-Window Microscopy 

Modular Design for Easy Integration

Energetiq’s uniquely designed EUV light sources minimize heat load and reduce debris, giving you control over peak brightness and peak power in a compact, modular unit.

Advancements in fields such as semiconductor lithography, mask blank inspection, materials research and life sciences research rely on plasma-based light sources that generate radiation between the deep ultraviolet and x-ray regions (10 to 50 nm). Traditional method of producing extreme UV light uses electrodes, which generate heat and produce unwanted debris – not suitable for production environments.

Energetiq’s Electrodeless Z-Pinch™ EUV sources use a patented design that inductively couples the current into the plasma to generate ultrashort-wavelength UV radiation in a clean, cool way. The modular design delivers high up-time and field-proven reliability with the flexibility of user-controlled outputs for optimized power and brightness.

  • Ease of use and reliability suitable for photoresist R&D
  • Minimal heat load
  • Excellent spatial stability
  • High repetition rate
  • Stable, repeatable power output
  • Simple, flexible optical interface
  • CE Mark and SEMI S2-0715 compliant

How It Works

Electrodeless Z-Pinch™ Technology

Clean Operation, Small Plasma Size, and Maximum Flexibility

Energetiq’s unique technology is also based on a Z-pinch plasma, but it avoids electrodes entirely by inductively coupling the current into the plasma. The plasma in the Energetiq source is magnetically confined away from the source walls, minimizing the heat load and reducing debris.



Typical Output Power

10 W*
20 W*
400 mW✝

Typical Brightness

5 W/mm².sr
8 W/mm².sr

Pulse Rate

Up to 2 kHz
Up to 2.5 kHz
Up to 2 kHz

Target Gas



Research & Development
Water-Window Microscopy
Optics Testing

*Power into 2π steradians (13.5nm ±1% bandwidth).✝Power into 2π steradians (2.8nm line emission).

Note: Performance measures in this Selection Guide are typical values for guidance in the selection and use of the EQ-10 Series products. They are not to be taken as specifications. Please Contact Energetiq for further details: info@energetiq.com.

Your exacting system demands are our top concern.

We thrive in working together through the challenges of high brightness, high throughput, and reliable performance in complex systems.

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