Electrodeless Z-Pinch EUV Sources EQ-10, EQ-10HR, EQ-10HP, EQ-10SXR

Compact, Reliable EUV Light Sources

Modular Design for Easy Integration

Modular Design for Easy Integration

Z-pinch plasmas have been shown to be effective at producing EUV and SXR light. However, all the implementations to date have involved conducting high discharge currents into the plasma using electrodes. These electrodes, which are typically in contact with high temperature plasma, can melt and produce significant debris.

Energetiq’s unique technology is also based on a Z-pinch plasma, but it avoids electrodes entirely by inductively coupling the current into the plasma. The plasma in the Energetiq source is magnetically confined away from the source walls, minimizing the heat load and reducing debris. Energetiq’s Electrodeless Z-Pinch™ technology has excellent spatial stability, and stable repeatable power output.

To accommodate the differing requirements of the various applications, the source operating conditions are user-adjustable. The EUV light output can be optimized for peak power or for peak brightness as required by the user. Plasma size is typically below 1mm in diameter under typical operating conditions. A simple and flexible optical interface is provided to the user on the side of the system enclosure to connect to the application equipment. Custom interfaces are available to meet specific customer requirements. The user interface operates by a color touch screen display, and incorporates menus allowing manual and automatic operation.

Electrodeless Z-Pinch: How it Works

How Electrodeless Z-Pinch EUV light source works

Energetiq Electrodeless Z-Pinch™ EUV Products

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General Characteristics

Compact, Reliable EUV Light Source High Power EUV Light Source High Repetition Rate EUV Light Source Compact, Easy-to-use Soft X-Ray Source

Typical Output Power

10W* 20W* 2W 400 mW✝

Typical Brightness

5 W/mm2.sr 8 W/mm2.sr N/A N/A

Pulse Rate

Up to 2 kHz Up to 2.5 kHz 10 kHz Up to 2 kHz

Target Gas

Xenon Xenon Xenon Nitrogen

Common Features

Patented Electrodeless Z-Pinch(TM) Design, Compact, Cost-Effective, High Up-Time, Field-Proven Reliability, CE Mark and SEMI S2-0715 Compliant


EUV Metrology

EUV Resist Development

EUV Inspection

EUV Microscopy

EUV Mask Inspection

EUV Resist Development

EUV Metrology

EUV Microscopy

Accelerated EUV
Optics Testing

EUV Metrology

EUV Resist Development

Defect Inspection


Microbeam Probing
of Cells

Optics Testing

*Power into 2π steradians (13.5nm ±1% bandwidth).✝Power into 2π steradians (2.8nm line emission).

Note: Performance measures in this Selection Guide are typical values for guidance in the selection and use of the EQ-10 Series products. They are not to be taken as specifications. Please Contact Energetiq for further details: info@energetiq.com.