Semiconductor Metrology

Ellipsometry, Lithography, and Photoresist Development

Top quality, high-production yields are critical to meeting market demand for semiconductor wafers. Wafer metrology tools help semiconductor manufacturers design and fabricate high performance integrated circuits (ICs) with less defects, enabling them to scale to meet rising demands. The faster you can characterize and measure thin films, linewidths, pattern flaws, and other potential defects, the faster you can address the issue and reduce costly downtime.

Broad wavelength, high spectral radiance light sources illuminate these anomalies with speed and accuracy. The unique principle of operation of the LDLS®, with its small plasma size and high spatial stability, enables high throughput measurements ideal for volume production environments.

  • Thin film and materials characterization
  • Defect review
  • Analysis
  • Classification

Laser-Driven Light Sources

Extremely bright for efficient light collection from the deepest UV to beyond the visible spectrum.


Tunable Light Sources

Precise tuning across the spectral range from 170 nm – 2500 nm. A compact, fully integrated broadband source with high stability and reliability.

EUV pic1-2

EUV Light Sources

Compact, adjustable, and reliable for producing extreme UV and soft x-ray light.

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