Extended Range Laser-Driven Light Source


Extended Range Laser-Driven Light Source

Energetiq presents the EQ-77C, a groundbreaking Laser-Driven Light Source (LDLS®) featuring an innovative light cell with novel window materials which enable a wavelength range from vacuum ultraviolet to the far infrared region (up to 20 micrometers) and an exceedingly small, highly radiant plasma allowing illumination with high spatial resolution for metrology.


What makes this LDLS unique:

  • High spectral radiance from plasma with diameter of approximately 225 µm
  • Non-pulsed plasma source with a broad wavelength range of 160 nm – 20,000 nm
  • High long-term stability, enabling significant run time between scheduled maintenance events


Wavelength Range*: 160 nm – 20,000 nm
Plasma Diameter (FWHM)**: ~225 µm
High long-term stability and lifetime

*Depending on Model, **Average

A New Source of High Brightness IR

Next-generation semiconductor process control and metrology applications require infrared wavelengths out to 20 µm and high spatial resolution down to a small spot size for the inspection of high aspect ratio features on semiconductor devices.

In addition to visible and infrared applications, the EQ-77C-SA with a sapphire window can be used for vacuum ultraviolet applications, offering a stable broadband replacement to expensive pulsed-output argon-fluoride lasers. The EQ-77C, combined with Hamamatsu detectors, opens new possibilities, and lessens the negative environmental impact of current IR methods.


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