Laser-Driven Tunable Light Source

400 TLS LH Left Front 45 (2)

Extremely bright tunable light source available for OEM applications

The TLS-EQ-400 is based on the EQ-400 LDLS, offering high output power in a flexible, easy-to-use package.

The spectral resolution of the TLS-EQ-400 can be configured according to application requirements. The stable performance of the TLS-EQ-400 translates to consistent, reliable results. The fast step time and high brightness of the TLS-EQ-400 enable high process throughput.

Users will find the TLS-EQ-400 to be extremely easy to use and maintain. The intuitive graphic user interface (GUI) allows for the creation of automated scans to rapidly step between prescribed wavelength bands. The fiber-coupled output of the TLS-EQ-400 makes it simple to integrate into a variety of optical configurations.


Fast wavelength tuning
Configurable/flexible spectral resolution
Low noise & high stability
User-friendly computer interface
Convenient optical fiber output
Aberration free collection and focusing

Product Properties
Wavelength Range
750 nm - 1100 nm
Scan Speed
<20 ms for a 2 nm step
Output Type
1500 µm fiber​ optic cable
Numerical Aperture
0.39 NA
Spectral Resolution (bandwidth, FWHM)
6.0 nm
Typical Performance
In-band flux at 750 nm
3 mW at 824 nm
In-band flux​ at 1000 nm
2.0 mW


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