Broadband Light for Sensor Testing and Calibration


Consumer Electronics

Optical image sensors such as CMOS and CCD sensors have become commonplace in consumer electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets and smart watches.

As demand increases for optical sensors in a small form factor, manufacturers need innovative sources to characterize sensor responsivity to specific wavelengths. The search for a high-brightness, broadband light source capable of delivering light into such a small spot is over – Energetiq’s advanced Laser-Driven Tunable Light Sources (LDTLS™) are an ideal fit for sensor testing and calibration applications.

Energetiq's LDTLS-400 for Sensor Testing and Callibration

Optical sensor manufacturers need a light source that can handle the high-throughput requirement to meet the demand of this rapidly growing market.

Energetiq’s Laser-Driven Tunable Light Sources were designed with sensor testing applications in mind.

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