Chromatiq Spectral Engine™

High-Fidelity Spectrum Matching

Chromatiq Spectral Engine CSE_Resized

Match Any Light Spectrum, or Design Your Own

The Chromatiq Spectral Engine™ (CSE) is a sophisticated light source capable of matching real-world lighting conditions, emulating illuminant standards, and creating custom spectra.

The CSE offers unparalleled spectrum match accuracy as well as repeatability and speed when switching between spectra to optimize optical testing and calibration procedures in the production environment.

The CSE is built around the high radiance and stability of the Laser-Driven Light Source (LDLS®). The performance of the LDLS, combined with the innovative optical design of the CSE system, enables consistent high-fidelity spectrum matching, rapid switching between selected spectra, and stable color content at various intensities. These attributes support the accurate, repeatable, and efficient production of high-end color, image sensors and ambient light sensors.


  • High-fidelity spectral matching
  • Create and combine custom spectra to meet specific requirements
  • Integrate into automated ambient light sensor calibration and testing systems

The CSE applies the unique characteristics of the Laser-Driven Light Source (LDLS®), paired with a digital micromirror device (DMD), to enable users to match any kind of light spectrum, including realistic lighting conditions, standard illuminants, combinations of specific lighting sources, and custom spectra.

In contrast to conventional arc lamps, which are operated by running a current through electrodes, an LDLS sustains the emitting plasma by focusing a laser into the light bulb. The result is extremely bright, broadband light from a very small and stable spot. This proprietary technology is at the heart of the CSE, enabling the unmatched spectral resolution, stability, and repeatability of the DMD light source system.

The CSE is spectrum tunable source capable of spectral reproduction, spectral color matching, and has the ability to emulate near-infinite combinations of light sources ranging from incandescent to highly structured light sources, such as CFLs, with extremely fast switching necessary to support high-throughput optical component calibration and ambient light sensor characterization.

Fast switching with no setting time.
<10 ms settling time between targeted spectra
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Principle of Operation

Optical design optimized for high-fidelity matching


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Color and image sensor calibration and testing

Image sensor development for vehicle perception systems

Color measurement system development and testing

Match Any Spectrum

Check out our virtual demo to see how easy it is to match real-world lighting conditions.


Extremely fast switching - no settling time between matches.

Example Match: CIE F12

Systems available now for on-site demonstration. 
CSE-EQ-99-VIS Performance Specifications:
Wavelength Range
380 nm – 780 nm
Spectral Resolution
< 4.5 nm
Switching Speed
< 10 ms
Output Type
6.5 mm liquid light guide