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Datasheets & Manuals


Technical Notes


Laser-Driven Light Sources

LDLS™ Selection Guide | LDLS™ Product Catalog
EQ-99X Datasheet | Manual
EQ-99X-FC Datasheet | Manual
EQ-99X-FC Fiber Optic Cable Datasheet
EQ-99-CAL Datasheet
EQ-99 Manager Controller Datasheet
EQ-99 Manager Manual
EQ-77 Datasheet | Manual
EQ-9 Datasheet | Manual
EQ-9-HP Manual
EQ-400 Datasheet | Manual
EQ-1500 Manual


Extreme UV / Soft X-Ray

EUV Selection Guide
EQ-10R Datasheet 
EQ-10R-HR Datasheet 
EQ-10R-HP Datasheet 
EQ-10R-SXR Datasheet


Laser-Driven Tunable Light Sources

LDTLS™ Selection Guide
Datasheet | Manual
TLS-EQ-9 Datasheet


Chromatiq Spectral Engine™

CSE-EQ-99-VIS Datasheet

EQ-400 Water Cooling

Understanding Radiance (Brightness), Irradiance and Radiant Flux

Operation of Laser-Driven Light Sources below 300 nm: Ozone Mitigation

Etendue and Optical Throughput Calculations

Application Notes


Innovative Light Sources for Endoscopic Procedures

Laser-Driven Light Source™ Enables Improved Trace-Level Gas Measurements

Advanced Illumination for Biological Hyperspectral Imaging

Laser-Driven Light Sources™ for Material Science Applications

Laser-Driven Light Source (LDLS™) for Calibration

Ambient Light Sensor Calibration with Tunable Light Sources

Virus and Bacteria Deactivation Research with Energetiq Tunable Light Sources

LDLS™ Powered Tunable Light Source with Far-UVC Output

Laser-Driven Light Sources for Ellipsometry



Learn about the unique combination of features in a single Energetiq LDLS™ that make it so valuable.
Review the basics of laser-driven light sources, their operation, and how these elements are used in Energetiq's LDLS.
Take a look inside our facility to learn more about our people, our technology, and what makes us Energetiq.


Laser-Driven Light Sources

Photonic Frontiers: LEDs and other Light Sources: Looking Back/Looking Forward: More than lasers: LEDs, lamps, and other non-laser sources

SPECTROSCOPY: LDLS™ sheds light on analytical-sciences applications

Energetiq Technology Inc.: From Semi Fab to Bio Lab

NOVEL LASERS: Broadband laser-driven plasma source spans nearly 2000 nm

Energetiq Brings Deep Ultraviolet to Life

Extreme Ultraviolet/Soft X-Ray

Affordable X-Ray Microscopy with Nanoscale Resolution

Infrastructure Steps Closer to EUV Lithography



Below are some of our most recent published papers. To view our full collection of papers, check out our archive.

Title Authors Product Keywords
Yuxing Chen, Cauyuan Wang, Limin Xiao
Optical Fibers, Lenses, Bandwith, Silicon Compounds, Beam Collimation, Lensed Optical Fiber, Optical Coupling, Photonic Crystal Fiber
Joanna Bucynska, Agnieszka Gajewska, Aleksander Gorski, Barbara Goolec, Krzysztof Nawara, Renata Rybakiewicz, Jacek Waluk
Photostability, Photobleaching, Porphyrins, Self Healing Flourphores
Yurina Nishi, Ryosuke Wantabe, Subaru Sasaki, Akihiro Okada, Keisuke Seto, Takayoshi Kobayashi, Eiji Tokunaga
Pockels effect, Surface Plasmon Polarition, Water, Interface, Electric Double Layer, Electromodulation Spectroscopy, Silber, Penetration Depth, Attenuated Total Reflection, Optical Modulation
Ying Chen
LDLS, EQ-1500
WS2 Flakes, Tungstic Acid, Chemical Vapor Deposition, Photodetectors
Jake Hardy, Mattew W. Brett, Aurelien Rossi, Isabella Wagner, Kai Chen, Mattie S. M. Timmer, Bridget L. Stocker, Michael B. Price, Nathaniel J. L. K. Davis
Hydrocarbons, Energy Transfer, Absorption, Ligands, Aromatic Compounds

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