Laser-Driven Light Source

Energetiq’s EQ-99X-FC LDLS is a high brightness fiber-coupled source with a broad wavelength range from UV to Visible and into the NIR region.

The unique principle behind the operation of a Laser-Driven Light Source provides extremely bright, spatially and spectrally stable broadband radiation from 190 nm – 2500 nm with a lifetime greater than 10,000 hours.

The EQ-99X-FC has integrated collection optics that allow greater ease of use for those needing a fiber connection. The high performance ellipsoidal collector ensures that the ultra-high brightness light and power stability are maintained across the broad spectrum, from 190 nm to 2500 nm, and efficiently coupled into small diameter optical fibers. Proprietary Fiber-Protection Technology™ enhances DUV performance and significantly extends fiber life by reducing the effects of solarization. Utilizing a patented laser-driven bulb technology* and ultra-clean construction, the EQ-99XFC is ideal for applications requiring ultra-long lamp life combined with high broadband brightness.



Wavelength Range 190 nm – 2500 nm
Plasma Size (FWHM)* 100 μm X 180 μm
Numerical Aperture (Output Fiber) 0.22 NA
Bulb Lifetime 10,000 hours
Laser Class Class 1 (IEC 60825: 2014)



Spectral Flux Comparison