Extreme High Brightness, Laser-Driven Light Source


High Radiance and Irradiance

The EQ-77X Laser-Driven Light Source offers a broad wavelength range from UV to visible and into the NIR.

Researchers using light for imaging and analytical spectroscopy in a variety of applications in the life sciences and materials sciences need light sources capable of providing extreme high brightness and power across a broad wavelength range. EQ-77X delivers just that.

The EQ-77X features a compact lamp house with clean construction that ensures long life and ultimate stability.

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Wavelength: 170 nm - 2500 nm
Plasma Size (FWHM)*: 125 μm X 320 μm
Numerical Aperture: 0.5 NA
10,000+ Bulb Lifetime
Class 1 (IEC 60825: 2014)



Semiconductor Metrology and Inspection
Sensor Calibration and Testing
Scientific Development
Monochromator Source
UV-Vis-NIR Spectroscopy
Photoemission Electron Microscopy (PEEM)
Materials Calibration
Advanced Imaging
Thin Film Measurements

Spectral Radiance Comparison

Average radiance, measured with quartz output windows. For reference only.

Spectral Radiance Updated Feb 2 2021

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