Illuminate the Extremes at the Nanoscale Level

Ultra-Bright Light Source Solutions for Semiconductor Manufacturing, Sensor Calibration, Product Development, and Advanced R&D

Semiconductor Metrology

Ellipsometry, lithography, and photoresist development for top quality, high production yields

Scientific Development

Illuminate nanoscale architectures with extreme specificity and granularity across the spectrum

Sensor Calibration & Testing

Characterize optical sensors such as CMOS and CCD for optimal consumer electronic devices

High-throughput Measurements for Confidence in Production Environments

Energetiq light sources offer an unparalleled number of photons from a xenon plasma spot as small as 100 µm in diameter. Because the light is coming from such a small spot, the broadband output can be very efficiently coupled into many optical systems with small etendues.

  • Broadband spectral output (170 nm - 2500 nm)
  • Small plasma size (~100 μm) for deeply efficient ultra-bright light generation
  • Excellent spatial and power stability for high performance and repeatability
  • Long operating life so it’s ready when you are
  • Compact package for simpler system integration
Our advanced light sources enable the manufacturing and analysis of nano-scale structures and products in the most complex scientific and engineering applications.

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