Employee Spotlight: Robert Mech

(May 28, 2024)

Robert is an engineer with a physics background who loves using scientific discoveries and principles in the development of products that he finds exciting which also better the world. Rob has been in R&D for 5 years, 3 of which were spent at JEOL USA on NMR probe development, and 2 years at Energetiq. He enjoys spending the rest of his time playing music, exploring the outdoors, and having good conversations paired with good food.

What is your favorite part about Energetiq?

My favorite part of Energetiq is the people and the culture. In our science and engineering departments, we all know that we get to work on cool and interesting technology, and I think there’s a level of enthusiasm which reflects that reality. I’ve found people here to be open and eager to share their knowledge and expertise out of their own interest in what they do.

What is a fun fact about yourself that somebody may not know?

I occasionally participate onstage in musical theatre productions. I once got to play an iconic literary character and make a marriage proposal that famously goes poorly – entirely in song.

How has Energetiq helped you in your career development?

My role in R&D here has helped me gain and improve important technical skills and knowledge in the realm of optics, design, and experimental strategy, as well as a greater understanding of the business concerns that drive our enterprises. Most importantly, I’ve received a great deal of mentorship through conversations with various coworkers – no matter where on the organization chart they may be. People here are willing to share their perspective, which is perhaps the most valuable thing that I continue to gain here.

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