High-Fidelity Spectrum Matching

Chromatiq Spectral Engine™ (CSE) generates distinctive spectral content


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Experts in High Brightness

Extremely bright light sources covering the range from soft x-ray to infrared


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Explore the Extremes

Pushing the boundaries of optical performance in semiconductors, light sensors, and more


Applications & Industries

Enabling Cutting-edge EUV Lithography

Electrodeless Z-Pinch™ EUV and SXR sources open new doors in photomask and resist development


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Semiconductor Manufacturing

Ellipsometry, lithography, and photoresist development for top quality, high production yields

Scientific Development

Illuminate nanoscale architectures with extreme specificity and granularity across the spectrum

Sensor Calibration & Testing

Characterize optical sensors such as CMOS and CCD for optimal consumer electronic devices

Patented Ultra-Bright Laser-Driven Light Source and EUV Technologies

At Energetiq, we live in the extreme. As innovators of ultra-bright light sources, we close the gap between leading edge research and commercialized technologies. 

Our engineer-to-engineer relationships, backed by Hamamatsu's global sales and service, solve demanding performance challenges in semiconductor manufacturing, sensor testing, research and materials characterization for life sciences, food safety, and gas analysis.

Your exacting system demands are our top priority.

We thrive in working together through the challenges of high brightness, high throughput, and reliable performance in complex imaging systems. Look to Energetiq for the performance, technical maturity, and reliability to meet your high throughput demands.  

Advanced Illumination Solutions

Chromatiq Spectral Engine CSE

Chromatiq Spectral Engine™ (CSE)

Sophisticated light source capable of matching real-world lighting conditions or programmed spectra.


Laser-Driven Light Sources (LDLS®)

Extremely bright for efficient light collection from the deepest UV to beyond the visible spectrum.


Tunable Light Sources (LDTLS®)

Precise tuning across the spectral range from 200 nm – 1700 nm. A compact, fully integrated broadband source with high stability and reliability.


EUV Light Sources

Compact, high brightness, and reliable Electrodeless Z-Pinch™ technology for producing extreme UV and soft x-ray light.

Our parent company, Hamamatsu, provides local sales, service, and support to our global customers. Their worldwide presence helps ensure responsive and expert support for the selection, integration, and service of Energetiq light sources. Visit Hamamatsu or find your local rep.