Energetiq Announces Three New Employee Resource Groups

(June 13, 2024)

We are thrilled to announce the creation of three new Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) at Energetiq to further enhance our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and belonging within our organization. These ERGs are designed to support and empower our employees by providing safe spaces for discussion, networking, and professional growth

👩‍💼 The Women’s ERG
Our Women’s ERG is dedicated to empowering women across all levels of our organization. We strive to support and uplift women as they advance their careers and break barriers in their professional journeys.

🎖️ Veterans ERG

Energetiq's Veterans ERG aims to provide a supportive community for our veteran employees and their families or others who would like to support. This group focuses on leveraging the unique skills and experiences of veterans, facilitating their professional development, and promoting a workplace culture that honors their service and contributions.

🎮 Video Game ERG

Energetiq’s Video Game ERG is a dynamic hub for fostering camaraderie, skill-building, and inclusivity within our workforce. Anchored by our shared passion for gaming, we leverage our collective expertise to develop innovative training video games and orchestrate engaging company-wide events. Beyond professional development, our ERG provides a supportive sanctuary where gamers can connect with other gamers, fostering a culture of belonging and empowerment.

By fostering these ERGs, we aim to create a more supportive, diverse, and inclusive environment for all our employees. We believe that when everyone feels valued and included, we can achieve greater innovation and success together.

Join us in celebrating these new groups and the positive impact they will have on our workplace culture!