Environmental ERG Lends a Hand and Brings Color to the Office

(June 18, 2024)


On Saturday, June 1, the Environmental Group at Energetiq partnered with the Health, Wellness, and Hiking Group to clean up the landscape at the Blue Hill Observatory in Milton, Massachusetts. The team hiked to the top of the hill where the observatory, home of the longest climate record in the United States, is located. They worked with observatory Program Director Don McCasland to help remove black swallow-wort from the area so that other types of vegetation can thrive.

Black swallow-wort is an invasive species that has a detrimental effect on the environment. It forms large patches that can cover other vegetation and alter the structure of habitats. Changes to the structure and insect communities can reduce the number of places for native birds to nest and forage, which can lead to a decline in their population.

In addition to their work in the community, the Environmental Group also recently planted a pollinator garden in the back of the Energetiq office. This year, the flower garden consists of marigolds, sunflowers, salvia, geraniums, petunias, lavender, and sweet potato vines. They hope to bring pollinators who have otherwise suffered from habitat loss and pesticide use back to the area.


To celebrate the return of summer, the Environmental Group redecorated the front patio of Energetiq with a variety of flowers. The splash of color in each flower planter is intended to liven up the space and bring joy to employees on their way into work!