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Foot-Candles and Other Lighting Terms You Never Knew Existed

Every industry has its own unique lingo, and the lighting industry is no exception. While lighting technology has advanced extensively in the last several decades, giving us..

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Allyship Graphic

How To Be an Ally at Work - Pride 2022

Earlier this month we welcomed a few special guests to our virtual Pride celebration. For the second year in a row SpeakOUT Boston joined the Energetiq team to share insights and..

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Employee Spotlight: Senior Director of Technology Huiling Zhu

Huiling Zhu is the Senior Director of Technology here at Energetiq. We sat down to learn what led him to work with advanced light source technology and his favorite things about..

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Energetiq Learner's Group: Inspiring Lifelong Learning & Innovation

At Energetiq, we believe in continuous improvement which is why we have created the Learner's Group Seminar Series (Learner's Group) to encourage and support this. The idea of..

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Employee Spotlight: Senior Marketing Manager Mae Steinberg

Say hello to Mae Steinberg, Energetiq's Senior Marketing Manager! Mae has been here for five years and has seen a lot of exciting things happen for the company. We spoke with her..

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Innovation Day at Energetiq: Creativity in Advanced Illumination

The second Wednesday of every month is Innovation Day at Energetiq. We know how important it is to create space and time dedicated to innovation. Employees can work together or..

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