Innovation and Inclusion: Energetiq's Values that Keep Delivering

(August 30, 2022)

Innovation is a keystone to our corporate culture at Energetiq. We know that diverse teams are innovative teams, making it imperative that our employees experience an inclusive culture.

Recently Energetiq CEO, Debbie Gustafson, was featured in Laser Focus World where she discussed the “Faces in Photonics” series that spotlights experts in the optics and photonics world. In this feature, Debbie gives deeper insight into the company's culture and how it's driven by innovation and inclusion. She also shares what brought her to the photonics world, her favorite things about the industry, and what she is currently working on now.

From Debbie's Feature:

Our dedication to creating a truly inclusive atmosphere enables us to retain this diverse team. This is something I feel very passionately about, and I spend time speaking and educating others in the industry about eliminating unconscious bias and the importance of mentoring others for success.

Check out the full article to learn more about Debbie, what Enegertiq is working on, and what inspires us each day!

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