Employee Spotlight: Deborrah MacKenzie

(February 16, 2023)

Employee-Spotlight_DeeDeborrah “Dee” MacKenzie brings over 20 years of executive administrative (EA) experience supporting “C-Level” staff to her role at Energetiq.  In 2008 Dee switched from a corporate office setting to a manufacturing office setting and fell in love with the new environment.  Although she was a little nervous making the change, she quickly learned that she was very happy she made the change! As Dee approaches her one-year anniversary at Energetiq, we asked her to share her perspective on what makes the company unique.  

What is your favorite part about Energetiq?

Energetiq is the fourth manufacturing company and second semi company I’ve worked at since I changed office types in 2008. I have always heard that the employees drive a company. I think we can agree that Energetiq employees have a positive vibe, and it is contagious to want to work with an entrepreneurial team of employees. We have an inspiring CEO who allows the employees to contribute value and in return empowers us.

What is a fun fact about yourself that somebody may not know?

Aww, there are many, but the one that comes to mind is one of my two new year resolutions. As I work on ‘unleashing my feminine’ side, I will get back to taking dance classes and eventually get into competitive ballroom dancing.

How has Energetiq helped you in your career development?

Before even interviewing at Energetiq, I wanted my next EA role to be able to support a driven and growth-minded leader. I was looking to work with a CEO who would reignite my passion for my career, make it more than just a “job,” challenge me to think out of the box and allow me to use my skill strengths. In return, this allows me to build a life and career without boundaries.

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