EUV Technology Integrates Energetiq EUV Source into New Tool for EUV Resist Outgassing and Reflectivity Measurements

Feb 26, 2007 12:44:00 AM

Martinez, CA – February 26, 2007 – EUV Technology, has developed a tool for screening candidate EUV resist formulations for possible use in other EUV tools. The tool is integrated with the extremely reliable 10W EUV source manufactured by Energetiq Technology, Inc.

The new tool uses a novel optical system to illuminate the resist-coated wafers or reticles for outgassing studies. The tool simultaneously exposes a witness sample and the resist while continuously monitoring in-band reflectivity, allowing the users to evaluate the change in reflectivity resulting from outgassing of the photoresist on the mirror. The system is equipped with a high sensitivity UHV RGA detection system to allow fast data acquisition rates to quantify resist outgassing products.

Utilizing the EQ-10R, based on Energetiq’s unique Electrodeless Z-PinchTM technology source, allows for high dose of in-band EUV radiation to the wafer. The system will quickly expose a 200mm wafer positioned on an automated x-y stage. Faster processing will allow resist manufacturers to quickly understand the characteristics of sensitivity and outgassing of their EUV resists.

EUV Technology has several years of experience in developing EUV systems and pioneered the development of stand-alone EUV Reflectometers in 1999. “Our EUV Reflectometer is the leading product in the market, used by International SEMATECH and their member companies, and also by major semiconductor companies in Santa Clara, CA and Asia,” said Rupert Perera, President of EUV Technology.

“We are delighted to work with EUV Technology, a premier manufacture of EUV equipment,” said Paul Blackborow, CEO of Energetiq Technology. “The easy integration of the Energetiq source with EUV Technology’s platform enabled them to rapidly come to market with this new system.”

About Energetiq Technology, Inc.

Energetiq, based in Woburn, Massachusetts, was founded in March 2004 with a mission to be the preeminent developer and manufacturer of short wavelength light sources for use in the analysis and fabrication of nano-scale structures and products. Members of the Energetiq team have been responsible for developing many high power plasma sources that run daily in semiconductor fabrication facilities around the world. Energetiq’s goal is to leverage this expertise to develop novel, cost-effective, short wavelength light sources that enable the production of next generation devices. The company’s products cover the Deep Ultraviolet (DUV), Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) and Soft X-Ray (SXR) wavelength range from 400nm to 1nm (nanometer) and can be used in lithography, metrology, inspection, resist and thin-film processing and R&D applications. For more information, visit

About EUV Technology

EUV Technology based in Martinez, CA was founded in 1998 in a mission to be the leading provider of highest quality EUV metrology and EUV calibration tools for the Next Generation Lithography. EUV Technology designs and manufactures custom instrumentation for the utilization of EUV and SXR radiation and their principal product, EUV Reflectometer Model No. LPR1016-FS1515 was selected by the R&D Magazine as the 100 Most Technologically Significant New Products of the year 2005. For more information, please visit