Energetiq EUV Light Source Installed on CEA-Leti Research Tool

Feb 28, 2007 12:51:00 AM

Electrodeless Z-Pinch EUV System Used in Photoresist Outgassing Studies

Woburn, MA – February 28, 2007 – Energetiq Technology, Inc., a developer and manufacturer of specialized short wavelength light products for use in advanced technology applications, has announced that the company’s EQ-10 Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Light Source is being used on a new experimental tool developed by CEA-Leti in studies to characterize photoresist outgassing during exposure in EUV lithography processes. The 10-Watt EUV source utilizes Energetiq’s patented Electrodeless Z-Pinch™ technology and is fast becoming the standard source used for EUV infrastructure development.

CEA-Leti, a laboratory of the Minatec® Pole of innovation in Grenoble, France operated by the Technology Research Directorate of the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), has been pioneering research on EUV lithography since 1999. “The collaboration with Energetiq has allowed us to set up an outgassing tool which is essential for resist qualification and optic contamination studies and strengthens our capacity to support our collaborative programs with resists and materials suppliers,” comments Dr. Serge Tedesco, Lithography Program Manager at CEA-Leti. “Moreover, this system is of prime importance in the development of new resist platforms foreseen for the 22nm hp node,” he added.

“We are delighted to install our first light source in Europe at the world-class CEA-Leti research center,” said Deborah Gustafson, Vice President of Sales and Service for Energetiq. “Our technology easily integrated into their existing system and the stable EUV power output has enabled them to quickly begin their research.” Using inert Xenon gas, the compact EQ-10 creates a small bright EUV emitting plasma which produces ample EUV power for photoresist outgassing studies.
EUV lithography is a leading candidate for next generation lithography because of its capability of printing features of 32nm and below, covering the needs of the semiconductor industry well into the next decade.

Energetiq’s EQ-10 light source employs a patented electrode-free technology that inductively couples the current into the discharge plasma, making it extremely stable and controllable. The plasma is confined away from source components, minimizing heat load and reducing debris.

About Energetiq Technology, Inc.

Energetiq, based in Woburn, Massachusetts, was founded in March 2004 with a mission to be the preeminent developer and manufacturer of short wavelength light sources for use in the analysis and fabrication of nano-scale structures and products. Members of the Energetiq team have been responsible for developing many high power plasma sources that run daily in semiconductor fabrication facilities around the world. Energetiq’s goal is to leverage this expertise to develop novel, cost-effective, short wavelength light sources that enable the production of next generation devices. The company’s products cover the Deep Ultraviolet (DUV), Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) and Soft X-Ray (SXR) wavelength range from 400nm to 1nm (nanometer) and can be used in lithography, metrology, inspection, resist and thin-film processing and R&D applications. For more information, visit www.energetiq.com

About CEA-Leti

The CEA, a public organization for technological research, carries out its missions in the domains of energy, information and health technologies and defense, building on the foundations of fundamental research at the highest level. Strengthened by the competence of its 15,000 researchers and collaborators, it is recognized internationally and constitutes a strong source of original ideas for public authorities, institutions and industries in France and in Europe. Located in Grenoble, CEA-Leti is at the leading edge of European research in microelectronics, microtechnology and nanotechnology. It employs nearly 1000 people and deposits around 200 patents per year. With 28 start-ups created or in the course of creation, it is one of the most important partners of the industrial world. For further information: www.cea.fr