Energetiq Wins Excellent Product Award for Laser-Driven Light Source Technology

May 1, 2024 3:18:42 PM

The 16th Annual Industry Award of the Laser Society of Japan 2024

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April 26, 2024 [Yokohama, Japan] – Today, Energetiq Technology, a Hamamatsu company, was awarded the Laser Industry Award for Excellent Product for its Laser-Driven Light Source (LDLS®) technology from The Laser Society of Japan.

Unlike conventional approaches to illumination, Energetiq’s LDLS technology creates extremely small, high-brightness plasma that delivers efficient light collection and a broad spectral range from deep UV to near-infrared. These laser-sustained broadband light sources provide high spectral radiance, spatial and temporal stability, and a lifetime of over 10,000 hours of operation.

Debbie Gustafson, CEO of Energetiq Technology, states, “We are honored to be recognized for our LDLS technology. The semiconductor industry has embraced Laser-Driven Light Sources as an important aspect of meeting their resiliency and sustainability goals. We are excited to continue developing advanced light sources in Japan with tremendous support of Hamamatsu Photonics.”

The Laser Industry Award for Excellent Product is granted based on the technology and market performance of laser-related industry technology. The Laser Society of Japan strives to make optical science and technology accessible to the public and spread awareness about the latest research that benefits the economy and society as a whole.


Energetiq designs, develops, and manufactures ultra-bright broadband light sources for complex scientific and engineering applications. They have proudly served important industries like semiconductor manufacturing and life sciences for 20 years, providing light sources that generate high brightness from soft x-ray to infrared and beyond. To learn more about Energetiq’s rapid development and on-time delivery of long-lasting light sources, visit https://www.energetiq.com/.