Exploring Innovative Plasma-Based Light Sources: On-Demand Webinar Now Available

(August 31, 2023)

Applications spanning semiconductor metrology to telescope optics demand light sources with unwavering stability, exceptional brightness, precise spectral composition, and impeccable spatial coherence. The recent webinar: "Innovative plasma-based light sources: theory, practice, and applications" discusses the various light sources available with a special focus on Laser-Driven Light Source (LDLS®) technology. 


Enlightening Webinar Series from SPIE & Hamamatsu  

Quantum technology, LIDAR for ADAS and autonomous driving, industrial automation, and the environmental market are just some trending markets or applications enabled by the advancements in optical technologies. 

With this 6-webinar series event sponsored by Hamamatsu and SPIE, the audience can learn about the new optical technologies such as SPAD, UV-IR Spectrometer, Laser-Driven Light Sources, and qCMOS (quantitative CMOS) camera’s role in enabling these markets. 

Presenter Slawomir Piatek, PhD delves into a comprehensive exploration of cutting-edge plasma-based light sources and their capabilities. From thermal black bodies to plasma discharge tubes, these sources hold value but often lack the ability to meet all performance criteria concurrently.   


Unveiling the Advantages: 

The webinar features a detailed comparison between conventional light sources and the revolutionary LDLS. This analysis underscored LDLS's strides in reshaping the illumination landscape, highlighting its performance and unprecedented capabilities. The debut of the tunable light sources and the groundbreaking Chromatiq Spectral Engine™ (CSE), enabled by LDLS, added a new dimension to the discussion, offering flexibility in spectral matching like never before. 


Recording Available: 

For those who missed the live session, a recording is now available for on-demand viewing. To access the recording and immerse yourself in the forefront of advancements, register at the link provided below.