Laser-Driven Tunable Light Source – High Brightness, Broadband with Fiber-Coupled Output

The Laser-Driven Tunable Light Source (LDTLS™) is a compact, fully-integrated, broadband source that allows precise tuning to desired wavelength bands. The LDTLS was designed around Energetiq’s proven Laser-Driven Light Source (LDLS™) technology to provide the high brightness, high stability, broad wavelength range, and low maintenance of the LDLS, all in a tunable source.

The TLS-EQ-9 model is based on the EQ-9 LDLS, offering mid-range output power in a flexible, easy-to-use package. The broad wavelength range of the TLS-EQ-9 provides bright output from 400nm to 1,100nm, covering the visible wavelength range into the near infrared (NIR). The spectral resolution of the TLS-EQ-9 is user-configurable, allowing users to select different bandwidths for different applications. The stable performance of the TLS-EQ-9 translates to consistent, reliable results. The fast step time and high brightness of the TLS-EQ-9 enable high process throughput.

Users will find the TLS-EQ-9 to be extremely easy to use and maintain. The intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) allows for the creation of automated scans to rapidly step between prescribed wavelength bands. The fiber-coupled output of the TLS-EQ-9 makes it simple to integrate into a variety of optical configurations. The TLS-EQ-9 can run 24 hours a day and seven days per week (24/7) for over a year between bulb changes.

Features  &  Benefits

  • Fast wavelength tuning up to 15ms per 2.0nm step
  • Etendue-matched monochromator with high efficiency optical design for maximum light throughput
  • Configurable/flexible spectral resolution
  • Long lifetime of ~10,000 hours between bulb changes for low cost-of-ownership
  • Low noise and high stability for precise measurements
  • User friendly computer interface / GUI
  • Convenient optical fiber output easily integrates into a range of applications
  • Achromatic reflective coupling optics for aberration free radiation collection and focusing

Industry  Applications

  • Optical Sensor Testing and Calibration
  • Scientific Research
  • Thin-Film Measurements
  • Materials Characterization

The Technology Behind LDLS™

Researchers using light for imaging and analytical spectroscopy in a variety of applications in the life sciences and materials sciences need light sources capable of providing extremely high brightness across a broad wavelength range. Traditionally, multiple lamps (Tungsten/Halogen, Xenon-arc, Deuterium) have been used to cover this broad spectral range. However, combining multiple lamps is costly and optically inefficient, and the use of electrodes within these lamps limits their ability to achieve the high brightness or power needed for the most demanding applications. Furthermore, traditional electrode-driven light sources have short life, need to be changed frequently, and during their life the lamp output declines constantly. To address this problem, Energetiq has developed a revolutionary single-light source technology called the LDLS™ Laser-Driven Light Source that enables extreme high brightness over a broad spectral range, from 170nm through visible and beyond, combined with lifetimes an order of magnitude longer than traditional lamps.

Technology Behind LDLS

Energetiq's innovative LDLS technology uses a CW laser to directly heat a Xenon plasma to the high temperatures necessary for efficient deep ultraviolet production. In traditional approaches such as arc and deuterium lamps, the brightness, UV power, and lamp lifetime are limited by the use of electrodes to couple power to the plasma. The electrodeless LDLS technology creates small, high brightness plasma that allows efficient light collection, broad spectral range from the deepest UV through visible and beyond, and long lamp life.

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