High Throughput Light Sources for Semiconductor Metrology

Broadband Light Sources for Semiconductor Applications

Energetiq’s high brightness broadband light sources are ideally suited for semiconductor metrology applications. LDLS™ products are widely used in techniques such as scatterometry, ellipsometry and reflectometry to determine thin-film thickness and critical dimensions.

For high throughput applications that require broadband deep UV light within a small spot size, the performance of a Laser-Driven Light Source is unmatched.

Support Continuously Shrinking Design Rule

The semiconductor manufacturing process continues to increase in complexity as shrinking design rules challenge us to provide technologies that improve process yields. Laser-Driven Light Sources from Energetiq are an industry standard solution for those applications which require brighter optical signals for metrology and inspection.

LDLS™ allow for precise light delivery across the broad band from 170nm to 2µm. This allows for simplified tool design as it can replace multiple lamps such as Tungsten/Halogen, Xenon-arc, or Deuterium that have been used in combination to cover this broad spectral range.

Highest Brightness for Highest Throughput

The LDLS technology delivers the highest brightness (radiance) available today, which translates to more measurements per second and to more wafers per hour in the fab. And to support the needs of future throughput challenges, Energetiq has developed a portfolio of LDLS products with increasing levels of brightness. These products are available today to satisfy future productivity demands for advanced device nodes.

Eliminate Expensive Downtime

The proprietary laser-driven plasma light source technology exhibits exceptional long-term stability and reliability. For this reason, Laser-Driven Light Sources excel in 24/7 process operations. In fact, they can be in continuous maintenance-free operation for up to 9000 hours without a significant reduction in output.

Energetiq’s high brightness light sources offer much lower cost of ownership than other available light sources. With the LDLS long maintenance interval, customers avoid down time and reduce costs by eliminating the expensive and time consuming process of prequalification.

Flexible Light Delivery

The advanced processes performed in semiconductor manufacturing benefit from the flexibility of LDLS design. The compact, high brightness broadband light sources can be fiber coupled or free-space to deliver light in the optimal manner.

Semi-Conductor-EQ-9-LDLSFeatured Product

Laser-Driven Light Sources such as the EQ-9 LDLS provide extremely bright, broadband light. Learn more.



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