Electrodeless Z-Pinch™
High Repetition Rate 10 kHz EUV Source

EUV sources for HVM are expected to operate at pulse repetition rates of 10 kHz or higher. To simulate the effects of operating at such pulse rates on the optics lifetime, for example, high repetition rate metrology sources are needed. The Energetiq EQ-10HR EUV Source is a compact, easy-to-use, reliable, and cost-effective EUV light source, based on Energetiq's proven Electrodeless
Z-pinch™ technology using Xenon gas. The EQ-10HR high repetition rate EUV source is uniquely suited for metrology and research applications where simulation of HVM is required.

Features  &  Benefits

  • Unique patent-pending electrodeless Z-Pinch technology
       - Low debris / low consumable cost
  • 10 kHz pulse rate
       - Enables high volume manufacturing (HVM) simulation    - Continuous mode, 24/7
  • Small plasma size
       - Below 1mm diameter
  • Cost-effective and compact
       - Small footprint
  • CE-Mark and SEMI S2-0715 compliant

Industry  Applications

  • Accelerated EUV Optics Testing
  • EUV Metrology
  • EUV Resist Development
  • Defect Inspection
  • EUV Microscopy

The EQ-10HR is a stand-alone system, ready to be integrated into a process tool. The system includes the electrodeless Z-pinch source assembly, Maglev vacuum pumping subsystem, gas delivery subsystem, power delivery subsystem, & control electronics. The EQ-10HR is capable of delivering up to 0.5 mJ/pulse of broadband EUV into 2pi steradians, & will run continuously at pulse repetition rates of up 10 kHz.

To accommodate the differing requirements of the various applications, the source operating conditions are user-adjustable. The EUV light output can be optimized for peak power or for peak brightness as required by the user. Plasma size is typically below 1mm in diameter under typical operating conditions. A simple and flexible optical interface is provided to the user on the side of the system enclosure to connect to the application equipment. Custom interfaces are available to meet specific customer requirements. The user interface operates by a color touch screen display, and incorporates menus allowing manual and automatic operation.

The EQ-10HR is easy to install, requiring only electrical power, a chilled water supply, clean dry compressed air and a supply of Xenon.
  • Unique design eliminates electrodes
    and electrode current

       - No electrodes – no electrode debris
  • Plasma is magnetically confined
    away from source components

       - Reduces debris further
  • Magnetic confinement offers
    unexcelled spatial stability
  • Lower cost and complexity

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