EQ-400 Water Cooling

Author: Ron Collins

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The EQ-400 Laser-Driven Light Source (LDLS™) requires active water cooling. Energetiq provides a basic component set for typical installations, but customer specific requirements may lead to the need for customized solutions. This document will cover the basic requirements and suggested chiller and cooling lines, as well as, additional information that should be sufficient for the end-user to customize their own individual solutions if preferred.

Recommended Chiller & Accessories

Energetiq recommends the following model chiller and accessories. Please visit https://www.smcusa.com/contact/global-locator/ to locate the distributor for pricing and delivery information.

System Minimum Requirements

  • Cooling Power: 1,500 watts (5,118 BTU/hr)
  • Flow:
    • Controller - 3.0 liters/min (0.79 GPM) minimum
    • Lamp - 1.0 liters/min (0.26 GPM) minimum
  • Temp: 18°C -24°C (64°F – 75°F) 

Recommended Cooling Configuration

The recommended cooling configuration is to connect the controller and lamp head in series using the optional Energetiq 10m chiller kit which includes a 5.0m supply & 5.0m return line.



When configured as shown at the left, the system pressure drop measured at the cooling water source will be 0.18MPa (27.0 PSI) differential at the recommended flow of 3.0 liters/min (0.79 GPM). For other operating conditions, see table below.


For other configurations, including longer cooling hose lengths, the flow vs pressure data of the individual components is provided below as design guidelines for user-provided cooling systems. If cooling hose lengths are increased, use of larger diameter hose is recommended.

Measured Pressure Drop vs. Flow Rate



Download Technical Note [PDF]


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