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LDLS (Laser-Driven Light Sources)

A stigmatic uv-vis monochromator for use with a high brightness LDLS - Rev. Sci Intrum. – Aug 2013
Copyright 2013 American Institute of Physics. This article may be downloaded for personal use only. Any other use requires prior permission of the author and the American Institute of Physics. The above article appeared in "AIP Review of Scientific Instruments" and may be found at here.

Demonstration of a novel laser-driven light source for broadband spectroscopy between 170 nm and 2.1 mm – May 2013

Intracellular protein and nucleic acid measured in eight cell types using deep-ultraviolet mass mapping – June 2013

Silica-based UV-fibers for DUV applications: current status – May 2013

Pulse Laser Photolysis of Aqueous Ozone in the Microsecond Range Studied by Time-Resolved Far-Ultraviolet Absorption Spectroscopy – April 2013

Optical fibers for 355nm pulsed lasers and high-power broadband light sources – March 2013

Strong excited state absorption (ESA) in Yb-doped fiber lasers – March 2013

Structural Characterization and Physical Properties of the New Transition Metal Oxyselenide La2O2ZnSe2 - January 2013

Using Molecular Mechanics to Predict Bulk Material Properties of Fibronectin Fibers – December 2012

Syntheses and Electronic Structure of Bimetallic Complexes Containing a Flexible Redox-Active Bridging Ligand – December 2012

Tuning of redox potentials of seven-coordinate iron and manganese complexes for superoxide dismutation and reaction with cytochrome c – November 2012

Dual-channel spectrally encoded endoscopic probe – August 2012

Development of a time-resolved attenuated total reflectance spectrometer in far-ultraviolet region – June 2012

Switching Faraday rotation on a molecular level – June 2012

Spectral measurements to probe the magneto-optical properties of commonly used organic dyes June 2012

Comparative studies on manganese-based SOD mimetics, including the phosphate effect, by using global spectral analysis April 2012

Broadband ATR-sensor with variable path lengths – February 2012

A tunable low-energy photon source for high-resolution angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) -
November 2012

Ultra-high Brightness and Broadband Laser-Driven Light Source - June 2012

Laser-Driven Light Sources as Calibrated Spectral Irradiance Standard - June 2012

LDLS sheds light on analytical-sciences applications - December 2011

Deep ultraviolet mapping of intracellular protein and nucleic acid in femtograms per pixel - July 2011

EUV/SXR (Extreme Ultraviolet/Extreme X-Ray)

EUV source development to enable pre-production mask inspection - J. Micro/Nanolith - June 2012

Cryogenic Soft X-Ray Nano-Tomography of Cellular Specimens in the Laboratory - NIH 2011

EUV Light Source Development to Enable Pre-Production Mask Inspection - SPIE 2011

Improvements in Pulse-to-Pulse Stability to the EQ-10 EUV Source - EUVL 2010

EUV Source Development for AIMS and Blank Inspection - SPIE 2010

Development of the Electrodeless Z-pinch Soft X-Ray Source for Water-Window Microscopy - XRM 2010

EUV Source Development at Energetiq Technology - EUVL 2009

Development of a High Pulse Rate EUV Source - SPIE 2009

EUV Source Development at Energetiq - SPIE 2008

EUV Source Development at Energetiq - EUVL 2008

Study on Photo-chemical Analysis System (VLES) - Sekiguchi - SPIE 2007

EUV Interference Lithography with Incoherent Light - Emerging Lithographic Technologies XI, 2007

Beamline Design for the Energetiq EQ-10 EUV Source - EUVL 2007

Application of the Energetiq EQ-10 EUV Light Source on Outgassing and Exposure of EUV Photoresists - SPIE 2007

Resist Outgassing and Exposure using the Energetiq EQ-10 EUV Light Source - EUVL 2006

Application of a High-Brightness EUV Source for Metrology Inspection and Resist Development - SPIE 2006

A Novel, High-Brightness Soft X-Ray Source for Microbeam Applications - 7th International Workshop Microbeam Probes 2006

A Novel, High-Brightness Electrodeless Z-PinchTM EUV Source - EUVL 2005

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