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High-brightness light is used today for many research applications. Energetiq’s novel products cover the wavelength range from 1nm to 1000nm and beyond. At the shorter end of this range, light has typically only been available to researchers at the national laboratory synchrotrons. Energetiq’s products give researchers the option of performing Extreme Ultra Violet (EUV) and Soft X-Ray experiments in their own laboratory.

General Purpose Source of Short Wavelength Light from UV to Soft X-Ray

Using the Energetiq EQ-10 EUV Light Source light can be produced from the small z-pinched plasma across a wide wavelength range. For EUV light, xenon is used as the plasma source gas. Xenon produces characteristic wavelengths in the 13.5nm range. For soft x-rays in the so-called “water window,” nitrogen is used as the source gas, and light is produced at 2.88nm. However, these z-pinch plasmas produce many other wavelengths from the ultraviolet to soft x-ray. The source will operate with other gases (typically noble gases or noble gas mixtures). By varying the particular feed gases composition and pressure, the energy per pulse and the pulse repetition rate, experimenters can produce a wide spectrum of light. Thus, the EQ- 10 can be used as a general purpose source of the light typically only available from synchrotrons.

Please contact Energetiq to discuss the particular wavelength range and application that is of interest to you.

Broadband Source of Deep Ultraviolet Light from 170nm to beyond visible
Energetiq’s LDLS Laser-Driven Light Sources can be used as general purpose sources of broadband DUV, visible and IR light for scientific studies. The high output power and high brightness of the devices provide researchers with tools for physics, chemistry, and materials science laboratories. With the LDLS, researchers who need high power, high brightness UV light can use a single UV-VIS source, giving them a cost-effective alternative to purchasing and operating multiple lamps or lasers. If particular wavelength bands are of interest, broadband, narrow band, short-pass, or long-pass filters may be used to limit the substrate exposure to a defined band.

Please contact Energetiq to discuss the particular wavelength range and scientific application that is of interest to you.

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