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The Technology Behind the
Energetiq EUV/SXR Light Sources


Z-pinch plasmas have been shown to be effective at producing EUV (Extreme Ultra
Violet) and SXR (Soft X-Ray) light. However, all the implementations to-date have
involved conducting high discharge currents into the plasma using electrodes.
The contact of these electrodes with the extremely high temperature plasma
(~500,000°C) required for EUV production, can cause issues of electrode erosion,
electrode spitting, and even melting. These events can be sources of significant
contaminating debris for any optical system connected to the light source.

Energetiq's unique technology is also based on a Z-pinch plasma, but it avoids
electrodes entirely by inductively coupling the current into the plasma. The plasma
in the Energetiq source is magnetically confined away from the source walls,
minimizing the heat load and reducing debris. The result is an electrodeless Z-pinch
technology that has excellent spatial stability and stable, repeatable power output.

EUV • Unique design eliminates electrodes
   and electrode current
   - No electrodes – no electrode debris
• Plasma is magnetically confined
   away from source components
   - Reduces debris further
• Magnetic confinement offers
   unexcelled spatial stability
• Lower cost and complexity

Patent Numbers:
US 7,307,375
US 7,199,384
US 7,183,717
US 7,948,185
US 8,143,790
EP 2187711
Other patents applied for.

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