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Energetiq’s light products are used in various semiconductor and flat panel display manufacturing processes to enable the production of next generation devices.

EUV (Extreme Ultra Violet) Lithography
Lithography As semiconductor device continue to shrink, the wavelength of light used in the photo lithography process to print smaller patterns of 16 nm and below becomes critical. EUV lithography is a leading candidate for next generation lithography (NGL) because of its capability of printing these small features, covering the needs of the semiconductor industry well into the next decade.

Companies that are developing the EUVL (Extreme Ultra Violet Lithography) infrastructure need a reliable source of EUV light to test their products, such as mirrors, collection optics, and photoresist. In addition, there is a need for a light source for inspection at this nano-scale level. The Energetiq EQ-10 Series Electrodeless EUV Sources provide highly reliable, cost-effective EUV light for the following applications:

EUV Resist Development – Resist performance is a critical technical issue on the path to making EUV lithography a viable approach for NGL. Resist manufacturers use Energetiq's EQ-10 sources to study both the sensitivity and outgassing of the photoresist.

EUV Optics Metrology – Optics for EUV are reflective and are comprise extremely
complex multilayer coatings. The reflectivity and uniformity of the multilayer
coating is critical to the wafer throughput and resolution of the scanner. Energetiq’s
EQ-10 EUV sources are used by the world’s leading optical companies to test their optics prior to incorporation in wafer scanners. To simulate the requirements of high volume manufacturing (HVM) for EUVL, Energetiq offers the EQ-10HR High Repetition Rate Electrodeless EUV Source that operates at a high pulse rate of 10 kHz.

EUV Mask Defect Inspection – Actinic inspection of EUV masks is a key technology that will enable the introduction of EUV lithography at 13.5nm. Energetiq’s EUV products are the source of choice for mask blank inspection, aerial image inspection, and the development of patterned mask inspection. The high brightness and proven reliability and stability of Energetiq’s EQ-10HP are critical features for these applications.

DUV (Deep Ultra Violet) in Wafer and
Flat Panel Display Processing, Data Storage

Short-wavelength DUV light provides energy for thin-film and surface processes without electrical charge or heating damage.

The LDLS Laser-Driven Light Source technology, embodied in the Energetiq EQ-1500, creates small, high brightness plasma that allows for efficient UV light collection for either broad spectral output or for specific narrow band spectral output, for use in:

193nm and 248nm Deep Ultraviolet (DUV) Photoresist Testing – A single EQ-1500 Laser-Driven Light Source provides great flexibility and cost-effectiveness to the user. It covers multiple wavelengths and can be configured for narrow band spectral output for 193nm or 248nm photoresist testing, without the high costs associated with purchasing and operating excimer lasers.

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